Jim Seem has performed thousands of concerts at senior living facilities throughout the country. What began as a way to make extra money became a driving force in his life.“I’ve discovered profound meaning in bringing live music to the elderly. There’s nothing like making someone happy.” He found his work with individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia particularly  rewarding.  “It still amazes me when someone who can’t remember where or who they are is able to remember lyrics of a song from their youth.” In late 2016,Jim took four days off to record a batch of brand-new material at Pine Hollow Studios in Eau Claire, WI. “Shelly”, his first single, is an upbeat country/indie-folk hybrid about the redemptive power of love. “Shelly” was produced and mixed by Evan Middlesworth right before he was whisked away by The National for their international Sleep Well Beast tour. “Shelly” will be available everywhere March 3.

Jim Seem was born along the banks of the Mississippi River, in La Crescent, MN. His parents were college professors who passed on their love of reading, music and film to their son. Jim's early musical projects included a  punk band (The Invoids), a jam band (Yoink!) and an acoustic reggae band (Down For Whatever). At the age of 23 Jim moved to the southeast. In Asheville, NC he began performing with cellist and singer Melissa Hyman. They took their show on the road from 2010-2013, playing at venues throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Midwest before disbanding. Jim is currently based in Beaufort, SC.